Gianyar Bali Glass Bridge: An Adrenaline Pumping Walk on Top Of Indonesia’s Longest Glass Bridge

Gianyar Bali Glass Bridge
Gianyar Bali Glass Bridge /Instagram @caturputrabalitour

PIKIRAN RAKYAT - A bridge isn’t just an elevated platform created to connect two places; it can also be an adrenaline-pumping tourist attraction.

For example, the Glass Bridge in Gianyar, Bali, is the longest glass bridge in Indonesia. Located in Saba Village, Gianyar, Bali, the Bali Glass Bridge spans the Petanu River, connecting Banjar Blangsinga in Saba Village with Banjar Tegenungan in Kemenuh Village. It takes about a 40-50 minute ride by motorbike to reach this tourist spot from Denpasar.

According to Antara, this 190-meter-long glass bridge, stands at 40 meters high, adding to the tourist appeal of Saba Village. “We already have a waterfall, Krishna Souvenirs, a turtle sanctuary, the Siwa Budha purification site, and Saba Beach,” said Ketut Redana, the head of Saba Village, in Gianyar.

The owner of Bali Glass Bridge, Dewa Sukrawan, claims the bridge is designed to hold 500 people of all ages at once for safety. Before its inauguration, the glass bridge underwent a series of tests, including being driven over by vehicles and tested for durability with large volumes of water. To ensure visitor safety, the bridge is temporarily closed during heavy rain or strong winds.

Visitors can enter the attraction from the east entrance in Blangsinga or the west entrance in Tegenungan. Large vehicles are advised to use the west entrance.

The Thrilling Sensation of Walking in Gianyar Bali Glass Bridge

Anyone crossing the Glass Bridge will feel their heart race and adrenaline surge. Below, you can see the lush green landscape and the beautiful flowing river.

During the crossing, visitors can enjoy a view of the Petanu River through the clear glass platform underneath your feet. The surrounding flourishing greeneries around the river adds to the scenic experience.

Visitors also get a taste of advanced technology, using special gender-colored footwear provided: red for men and purple for women.

As you cross, you’ll encounter an optical illusion of cracking glass, complete with cracking sounds with each step, creeping a unique and thrilling element to the experience.

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