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After several years in a very different musical world, my interest in jazz and more experimental forms had taken hold of me for the better. And it was through my service on the Artist Board at the multidisciplinary arts organization DiverseWorks that I was given an opportunity to Joe Blows Houston Tx a concert by a visiting guest. I immediately thought of Joe McPhee. And though I knew the Joe Blows Houston Tx, I knew nothing of the man. The music spoke to me. Joe Blows Houston Tx responded. Houston was ready and hungry for the experience of this music, live and in-the-flesh. Edith was in the audience. And very important to our story, he led an inspiring workshop for my kids at MECA the next day. He was so authentic and generous with them. Responsive and deeply engaged, he was genuinely moved by the music they played. And he was generous and patient with this young, first-time concert presenter. Believe me.

President Joe Biden hands the pen he used to sign the Democrats' landmark climate change and Joe Blows Houston Tx care bill to Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W. Joe Blows Houston Tx made a deal with Democratic leaders as part of his vote pushing the party's highest legislative priority across the finish line last month. Now, he's ready to collect. But many environmental advocacy groups and lawmakers are balking. Joe Manchin D-W. Hardcore climate activists are mobilizing against Sen. Other activists oppose expanded mining for critical minerals and clean energy factories. By failing to compromise, leftist environmentalists are threatening to create the kind of political gridlock fossil fuel conservatives have Joe Blows Houston Tx to stop clean energy development. Stopping transmission lines, pipelines, mining and manufacturing will not only hurt the climate but slow the economy and damage national security. Leading Democrats promised Manchin to include the measures in a must-pass budget bill due at the end of the month in return for his support of a landmark climate law.

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Immediately after the Battle of the Alamo, accounts were published in newspapers and quickly spread by word-of-mouth all across Texas and the United States, leading to some of Joe Blows Houston Tx myths, legends, and tall tales that we know today. Some of these stories contain fact but also stretched the truth, while others were completely fabricated. Many of these myths and legends have carried down through the generations to make up the lore of the Alamo today. It is often hard to separate fact from the fiction. All sources need to be examined to find the real events that took place, and also to see how and why the myths developed. Many times, the reason the myths were created and spread can tell us just as much about the thoughts and values of people of the time period as the true events. Explore some of the myths and legends of the Battle of the Alamo. Sometimes these stories will have clear Joe Blows Houston Tx to tell us whether they are completely true or not. Often it is up the Joe Blows Houston Tx to consider all of the evidence to come to their own conclusions. The idea has somehow developed that was one of the coldest winters in Texas history. One fact that reinforces this notion is that the Mexican Army encountered a freak blizzard in route to Texas that began on the evening of February 13 and continued throughout the next day. The weather during this storm was severe enough to kill horses, mules, men, and camp followers.

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Trials volume 20Article number: Cite this article. Metrics details. Breastfeeding provides ideal infant nutrition, conferring several health benefits to children and their mothers. Women with inverted Breastfeeding Flat Nipples, however, face difficulties that force them to prematurely terminate breastfeeding. Whereas available conservative measures for the correction of inverted nipples are of limited success, the use of an inverted syringe may be effective in achieving high rates of infant latching and exclusive breastfeeding. This technique, however, has not been investigated in a clinical trial. This open-label randomized controlled trial aims to investigate whether, in women with inverted nipples, the use of an inverted syringe increases the rate of exclusive breastfeeding at one month compared to standard care. They will be randomly allocated to standard care control group or to an intervention group. The intervention consists of using an inverted syringe to evert the nipple before Breastfeeding Flat Nipples breastfeed, starting with the first feed after delivery. The primary outcome measure is the rate of exclusive breastfeeding at 1 Breastfeeding Flat Nipples. Secondary outcome measures include exclusive breastfeeding rates at 3 and 6 months, nipple eversion rate, successful latching rate, rates of any breastfeeding at 1, 3, and 6 months, breastfeeding-associated complications, maternal satisfaction with breastfeeding, maternal quality of life, and adverse events. Descriptive and regression Breastfeeding Flat Nipples will be conducted under the intention to treat basis. The use of the inverted syringe to evert inverted nipples is a simple, inexpensive, and safe technique that can Breastfeeding Flat Nipples performed by mothers with inverted nipples.

Breastfeeding with Flat Nipples

Because your baby forms a teat not just from the nipple but also from the surrounding breast tissue, most inverted or flat nipples will not. If you've recently finished breastfeeding, your nipples might turn inward. This happens if the milk ducts scarred while you were breastfeeding. Suggestions for helping your nipples evert so baby can latch on. Before breastfeeding: • Roll your nipple between your fingers to help it stick out. However, women with inverted nipples often have difficulties in maintaining breastfeeding due to improper infant latching that my cause. "As a midwife, I'm frequently asked about breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples. It's estimated that % of women's nipples are. Background: Occurrences of flat or inverted nipples are not uncommon problems, and although they should not preclude breastfeeding, they often seriously hamper. In a conversation about flat nipples on Twitter, Gill Rapley, author of 'Baby-led Breastfeeding,' posted, “if the nipple is short, flat or.

I have inverted nipples. Can I still breastfeed?

When it comes to flat nipples, try to remember that babies don't nipple feed, they breastfeed! Although some nipple shapes and lengths can make it more. Breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples · Breasts work independently regarding milk production, and they are also likely not to be completely symmetrical! Do you have Flat or Inverted Nipples? as well as some things that you can do to make Breastfeeding easier if you do have them. I have been able to successfully breastfeed despite my inverted nipples Well it took about a month of hard work and dedication but this little girl and I have. Breastfeeding with Flat Nipples A flat nipple does not always "stick out," like we think of when we are cold or sexually aroused. Pregnancy. Nipple Corrector for Inverted, Flat and Shy Nipple, Can be Used for Breastfeeding or Women, Softly Wear Day and Night(1 Pair with Travel Case). Breast engorgement may result in flat nipples, which make it hard for your baby to latch-on properly. Hand express or use your breast pump long enough to draw.

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Reese Witherspoon in her character as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is a cultural icon for women of many generations — not just Millennials. Today, even women of Gen Z who may not be quite as familiar with the original movie are playing dress-up as Elle Woods in viral TikTok videos , and the hashtag legallyblonde has racked up Anyone can throw on a pink dress and call it a day. While wearing pink is the foundation of curating an Elle Woods persona, it comes down to the silhouettes, fabrics, and details you choose that will make all the difference. Elle was never afraid of wearing too much pink — even mixing different shades of the feminine color into one look. Elle Woods was known for wearing a lot of pink — no one can deny that. Both of these shades can still be incredibly feminine and embody the overall playfulness of her character while keeping a variety of colors to choose from in your closet. From her glittery emerald green blazer she wore in that iconic scene where she met Emmett for the first time, to bedazzled belt details, frills, bows, and more, Elle Woods knew the power of a cute detail. Elle Woods was known for her love of pink, jeweled stilettos. If you love dressing up for a date night or special occasion like a spring wedding , statement shoes may just be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Her favorites were notably a classic pearl necklace not the chunky, vibrant kind Gen Z is currently into , simple pearl earrings, a pink watch, rose-tinted glasses, a tote bag, and some nostalgic hair clips. Hopefully my tips here help you find some gorgeous and feminine warmer weather staples and embody a Legally Blonde aesthetic in your life today. We want to know what you think about Evie! Take the official Evie reader survey. Style Inspo.

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Between her sharp-witted tongue and sophisticated slut-core elegance, But like Reese Witherspoon said: “There is no Legally Blonde 3. He thinks you really are your character from Election and that you're repellent.' And then I was told to dress sexy.“ As if the Golden Globe. "They'd have to meet me at, like, midnight after the show, and that's kind of slutty, isn't it?" On being too busy to date, Idina Menzel. Unique Reese Witherspoon stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by Legally Blonde - Elle Woods Graduation Quote Sticker. Slutty actress Reese Witherspoon shows us her big tits reese-witherspoon-legally-blonde-playboy-bunny Reese-Witherspoon-Nude. She gave us Legally Blonde so she's grandfathered—er grandmothered? Anyway, Reese played Tobey's slutty sister who fucked shit up by. Reese Witherspoon's new movie is a true story about a year-old backpacker who "[She] said, 'I'm sorry I was such a slut in the 90s.

Could you imagine a world where Reese Witherspoon wasn't the iconic Elle Woods? Well, that was very close to being our reality. Reese Witherspoon almost wasn't cast in Legally Blonde , and in order to land the role, she had to prove that she was sexy enough for it. The revelation came from the actor's new interview in The Hollywood Reporter , published on Wednesday, Dec. Despite delivering an eye-catching performance, Witherspoon revealed that her role as Tracy Flick in Election almost cost her the part in Legally Blonde, as studio executives initially type-casted her as the cutting and ultra-confident girl she played in the film. Now, she looks back at that moment and winces at those instructions, which would not be as acceptable today. Witherspoon also had some apprehensions about the film herself. Film producer Marc Platt, who pushed her to audition, explained that she was initially worried that the film would be too close to Clueless. She wanted to make sure Elle Woods was different from Cher Horowitz. Of course, Witherspoon persisted, surviving multiple auditions to win the role, even showing up in character. Now, she's looking to the future of Elle Woods, as she's currently at work developing Legally Blonde 3. Though she had no concrete details to share, she told THR that she was interested in discovering "what age means to that character" now that she's in her forties. Earlier this year, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor hinted at what the new film could entail. See All Health Relationships Self.

Legally Blonde (2001) - Elle Woods' Harvard Video Essay - MGM Studios

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They are referred to as a preparation stage that is essential for prevention of bacterial penetration into the uterus and vagina. You may notice an increase in white creamy discharge early in pregnancy, due to higher levels of estrogen. If you lose your mucus plug sooner than 37 weeks of pregnancy, contact your healthcare provider as a precaution. Clear Jelly Like Discharge From Vagina this morning I had a very little bit of the same kind of clear jelly like discharge. Pregnancy discharge is a mixture of cervical mucus and blood. If it is too early to take a pregnancy test, you can look out for potential pregnancy symptoms to help to identify whether you are pregnant:. During pregnancy, the plug gradually. In most cases, the discharge will disappear within a few weeks after the baby is born. So, what does clear jelly-like discharge mean There are many types of discharge, but the most common type is white and thick. It may be accompanied by a burning sensation Clear Jelly Like Discharge From Vagina a strong odor. Thick yellow discharge can be an early sign of pregnancy.

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What is vaginal discharge and how does it change across the cycle?

Vaginal discharge refers to secretions from the vagina. The discharge Clear Jelly Like Discharge From Vagina be:. Itching of the skin of the vagina and the surrounding area vulva may be present along with vaginal discharge. It can also occur on its own. Glands in the cervix and the walls of the vagina normally produce clear mucus. This is very common among women of childbearing age. Different types of infections may cause itching or an abnormal discharge in the vagina. Abnormal discharge means abnormal color brown, greenand odor. It is associated with itching or irritation. Keep your genital area clean and dry when you have vaginitis.

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The hormones that control your menstrual cycle also make your cervix produce mucus — the gooey stuff on your cervix that comes out of your vagina as discharge. A clear jelly-like discharge can be caused by dietary changes, exercising, sexual activity, sexual arousal, and stress. Recent cervical surgery. Normal Cyclical Mucus Changes After menstruation, cervical mucus goes through several stages, each lasting one to three days. Typically, it is. Fertile Window: Type 1 and Type 2 cervical mucus are typically associated with the beginning of the menstrual cycle and lower fertility. Type 3 cervical mucus. Cervical mucus, sometimes called ovulation discharge or just vaginal discharge, is fluid produced by your cervix. The amount, color, and consistency of your.

Is clear jelly like discharge a sign of pregnancy?

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Breaking news. In-depth analysis. Limited Ads. On Tuesday, the Butkus Foundation named its semifinalists for the Dick Butkus Award , given annually to some of the best high school and collegiate linebackers in the country. The Butkus Award was founded in , honoring linebackers at three levels while supporting causes important to the Butkus family. The Butkus Foundation has presented high school and professional awards since A member expert panel of coaches, scouts and journalists guides the award selection process. Andrean On3 Consensus Ranking : No. Jesuit On3 Consensus Ranking : No. Jones On3 Consensus Ranking : No. Catholic On3 Consensus Ranking : No. On3 Consensus Ranking : No. Lincoln On3 Consensus Ranking : No. Article written by: Keegan Pope bykeeganpope.

Horn Lake football star Nakobe Dean wins High School Butkus Award as nation's top linebacker

The Dick Butkus Award is mostly known at the collegiate level, but they have high school and professional awards handed out annually too. The five other finalists include Eagles LB T. That record stood for 11 years after Johnson set it with total tackles back in Bolton started all 17 games this season, recording total tackles, two interceptions and two sacks — all career-high marks. He may have been passed over for the Pro Bowl this season, but Bolton is having a year to remember. Sign up for our newsletter and get every update delivered to your inbox! You'll now receive the top Chiefs Wire stories each day directly in your inbox. Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. January 12, From The Web Ads by Zergnet. More News. Share this article shares share.

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Log In Sign Up. Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. TIDQ 10 years ago 1. A struggling high school football program brings in Dick Butkus to be their new high school coach. Dick Butkus turns the team around with his decades of football knowledge, and it's a great rags to riches story, thanks to the charity of ESPN and Dick Butkus. What ended up happening. Dick Butkus yells at a lot of players, doesn't know what he's doing, and the Butkus Dick High School goes The show mysteriously wraps before the regular season is even completed. In the final episode, we see that Dick Butkus leaves the team with games still remaining on the schedule, without giving a reason why he's quitting. What the show didn't tell us, that Dick Butkus wasn't even the coach of the Butkus Dick High School. Just a guy who yelled at Butkus Dick High School for the camera. He wasn't head coach, they didn't succeed, and he quit on the team. Even if Dick Butkus were the real Butkus Dick High School, his empty motivational speeches did absolutely nothing to help this program, and then everyone quit.