Debt Dispute Leads to Alleged Kidnapping and Torture in East Jakarta

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Disclaimer: This article is an editorial that highlights the problems in Indonesia today

PIKIRAN RAKYAT - Police are investigating a case of allegedly kidnapping and torturing a young man with the initials MRR (23) by a group of people in East Jakarta.

The case was handled by the Duren Sawit Police and then transferred to the East Jakarta Metro Police on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

However, the East Jakarta Metro Police admitted that they could not explain in detail because it is still under investigation.

"The case is currently still at the investigation stage. We are still exploring the case by examining witnesses," said the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of East Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Armunanto Hutahean, Tuesday 9 July 2024.

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Even so, he revealed that the cause of the confinement and maltreatment was allegedly a debt involving two parties, which are the victim and the perpetrator.

"The case started with a debt between the victim and the alleged suspect," said Armunanto Hutahean.

Perpetrators Must be Charged with Multiple Violations

According to the victim's lawyer, Muhamad Normansyah the East Jakarta Metro Police investigators not only apply confinement-related violations. But also violation related to extortion, threatening, persecution, and others.

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