5 Papua's Culinary Gems: Top Specialties to Try in Jayapura

Sajian papeda, makanan khas masyarakat Indonesia Timur.
Sajian papeda, makanan khas masyarakat Indonesia Timur. /B. Hartati

PIKIRAN RAKYAT - Papua is an absolute paradise! Its incredible natural beauty is second to none in the world. But it's not just nature and culture that make it unique.

Papua is also home to some of the most unique and delicious specialties you'll ever taste! Many tourists are already flocking there to experience the incredible flavors for themselves.

Not a few overseas content creators have also reviewed the deliciousness of this Papuan specialty. Although it is relatively new and unique, the taste makes you want to eat it more and more.

For tourists on vacation or just visiting Jayapura City Jayapura, you definitely have to try the five most mouth-watering and eaten Papuan specialties.

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These five Papuan specialties are available at various prices at almost all the best restaurants in Jayapura City. The taste is similar to the original.

According to, here are 5 Papuan specialties that must be enjoyed when visiting Jayapura City.

1. Papeda Bungkus or Papeda Wrap

This Papuan specialty is always present at the dining table in various events, especially during celebrations or cultural festivals.

Papeda bungkus makanan khas Papua
Papeda bungkus makanan khas Papua

Papeda Bungkus has a unique flavor. Its dense texture is chewy and tasteless. It is best eaten with sautéed tilapia or other similar cooked or grilled fish and additional sautéed papaya leaf vegetables.

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